a small space in the universe

Are you happy in springtime?

If you go out a little bit, the warm sunshine,

Beautiful flowers and shimmering buds

It’s making your eyes 레플리카 happy.

I’m not sure I’m gonna feel better

It’s the beginning of the day,

Today, we’re going to take a picture of the Yeager Le Cultre duometer

I’d like to take a little time to learn more about it together.

when we talk about luxury brand watches

The brand that we’re talking about

Yeager Lecultre.

This brand has been continuously established since its founding in 1833

Based on Yeager’s creativity and originality

I’ve made over 1,200 calibs

Today, there is a unique reputation within the watchmaking industry

It is a brand that is coming down with technology.

If you know a little about the clock,

If you’re interested in watches

You must have wondered a lot about this model.

It’s a model that’s really loved.

What are the characteristics of what are you loved so much?


Let me start with the dial.

First of all, the most striking feature is

There are three markers.

The mark in the direction of 3:00

It is showing the current time.

And the nine o’clock mark

with Moonface marking the date

The last little mark

The mark that shows 1/6 seconds.

The date for this model is the button by the clock

I can adjust.

And if you look at the side of the clock

The harmony of beautiful colors is visible.

Yeager Le Cultre Duometer

The color of pink gold is really

She looks beautiful and sophisticated.

Pink gold is especially important for the skin color

with a very good color, which is

It looks very nice even if you wear it.

calm and warm in the color

I feel like I’m a little more luxurious

It’s creating beauty.

I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to

What you have to check,

The symbol of the essence and the core!

It’s a movement

This is a chronometer

The inspired duometer collection

Based on the dual wing concept

They lost.

The word duometer is left and right

It’s made with a total of 374 parts


A model that provides power reserves.

two independent barrels

made by the Germanic and Germanic

It’s a technology that stands out.

This watch is a little bit more

I’m mounting it.

You know, the crocodile-dead

It is strong and durable.

The straps made in France

It’s very nice and luxurious.

as to convenience to the high-class crocodile leather

It has practicality.

The buckle part that wears the clock

made of pink gold

It’s a very harmonious product.

If you wear it for a long time, it will come from leather

the fashion is not more filled up and fashion is not burned

It is a model that can be worn for a long time.

This model is a little big and thick

You might feel it.

So it’s a more masculine model.

So, especially if you want to choose a dress watch

It’s a highly recommended model.

These days, it is rather big

There are many people who like it.

And this watch is the same

It’s beautiful, but it’s more valuable

It’s a revelation.

the movement of the mark in the back

The back side that you can see really once

You have to fall into it right away

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