I wore a uniform and took a profile picture.

a backlog of where to start.
the end of February

before winter is over
I went all the way to Daegu and bought a snow maker.

The snow maker who is in short supply at the Seoul Games.
I was walking around Daegu, and I found him.
I was excited.

Unfortunately, it’s getting warmer after this.
I haven’t actually used it.
Until next winter snowy day
Now it’s John Burr.
And then I cut my hair again.
I’m probably gonna nail it to death now, head.
The video that the director took on the day of the shoot.

It was a short clip that day.
Not everyone really acts.
enlightened me that

And I think I have camera phobia.

Maybe it’s because I’m old.
This kind of drama is fun these days.
I happened to see you on Netflix.
I finished episode 43 in two weeks.
a rotten fellow
a more rotten fellow.
The main characters are good at acting.
Thirty-year-old girls.
Work, love, and so on.
No one can believe the drama lesson?
Do I live my life well alone?

Found a healing bar in Pyeongtaek

This is the puppy heaven.

A puppy leaning on my lap.

And it’s just…
Jiu-Jitsu has been working really hard.
It’s like you’ve been working out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Jiu-Jitsu, why are you working so hard?
It’s fun.
There’s nothing else I can do but do this to the Kosi State.
Health Best Exercise Best
I didn’t do it at first, but it’s only been a year.
After the exercise, the fingers that I held on to,
the edge of one’s stomach with pain
They say it’s early in arthritis.
That’s why I’m taping now.
His legs are covered with bruises.
I didn’t know when I was working out.
You’re always here, aren’
You don’t 주짓수 have to write my diary.
I always write jiu jitsu diary.
I posted a post in my Hyperfly suit.
In the hyper-mainstream story,
I like the genitalia, so after the player,
I was up there!
It’s a family honor.
happy, proud, happy

You look healthy, so I’m gonna take a bite.
No dispute.

I’ve been working out so hard.
I froze in front of the camera.
I wore a uniform and took a profile picture.
Haha, I love you, Bonjujitsu.
Sometimes they ask me how I like working out.
It’s not like this every day.
do this often
Maybe that’s why I came home from work out at midnight.
I eat and sleep every day.
Still losing weight.
You can’t help losing weight.
It makes humans strong.

the right word
Did you get caught working out hard?
Even my friends in the forest know it.

Successful housing for young people
I went to Eugene’s house, which is a home spoon and chopsticks.
a long journey with wine
You’re the Michelin three-star.
You set the table for me. I’m from Pyeongtaek.
It wasn’t a waste.
Yujin, you always pretend you can’t cook on your blog.
She was hiding her cooking skills.
It smells like alcohol.
It’s been a while since I’ve had a good time.
I wish I had sincerity.
I made a video call to Tokyo, and she said,
I have to watch IZ*ONE concert.
I ended the call coldly.

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