Most of the fried foods were delicious because it was a Gangnam Pool Salon restaurant, so the fried squid was crispy and good.​

After graduation, I had a lot of fun until the end to relieve my sorrow that I had not been able to play.
Playing is playing, but I felt like I couldn’t stand it because I drank all day, so I came to Gangnam Pool Ssarong Bar to finish it calmly.​
I posted it last time and it’s one of the places I’ve been coming to since that day.
I came here often with my friends and sometimes with my boyfriend, but I always ate french fries, but this time I ate tteokbokki for him.

It’s almost time to finish the kitchen, so I ordered Gangnam Pool Salon in a hurry.​
I ordered four at a time and two cups came out first.​
I think those two are skydiving and maybe lime mojito but I don’t really remember!!
Isn’t Gangnam Pool Sirlon supposed to be ordered based on the name?
Soon, four cups came out in a jiffy​
They’re all colorful and well decorated.​
These days, I’m into Gangnam Pool Salon and wine, so I’m interested in wine bars and Gangnam Pool Salon bars. Maybe because the bucket list of Hoegi is from a long time ago, it feels good.
I like the colors because they’re all summer-like and refreshing.
Soon the plates of food for the company also arrived.​
I didn’t go that many people, but I was in a good mood with my friend, so I just ordered it, and the scale got bigger than I thought.​
I took a glass first while waiting for the snack to come out, but I don’t remember what it was, but I remember drinking it very deliciously because it was fresh and sweet.
I don’t remember, I think I was drunk in the first place.
Anyway, I lined up with my friend and had a good drink.
The eggshell chips that come with me are really good, so honestly, I think I can eat a lot if I eat that at Gangnam Pool Salon.​
Of course, that’s not gonna happen, as long as there’s a side dish 강남풀싸롱 menu.
I like alcohol, but I like delicious food better, so I can’t give up eating snacks.
I’m drinking Gangnam Full Sirlon, so I’m going to have fried squid cheese tteokbokki.
I always ate french fries and tender here, but tteokbokki is quite delicious than I thought.
Since it was a homemade beer and Gangnam Pool Salon restaurant, most of the fried foods were delicious, so the fried squid was crispy and good.​
I didn’t expect much for tteokbokki, but it was spicy, so it was greasy and it went well with Gangnam Full Sirlon.​
There was a bit of lettuce, but I didn’t just go out to eat, so I wasn’t bad.​
We can boil it on our own, put cheese on it, and melt it.
I went there once this winter, and I haven’t been there since, but it’s been a while since I came here, so I drank well.​
Gangnam Pool Salon is delicious and snacks are all good, so I recommend a place to go with friends or lovers.

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